Necesitas expresarte?

Do you need to express yourself?

Creemos en la libertad 

We believe in freedom

life is a flow of love

show your love authenticly

this is a Cuban store

born in Havana

living in the cloud

based in Miami

Havana - Miami

why we are here

tropikaldystopia is an attempt to bring attention to the alternative Cuban artists

and an effort to help promote them through the censorship inside the no-exitdisconnected island.

Despite the laws and decrees that forbid their art; to help with the success of their projects

you can support and empower them by getting a unique art design that you're gonna love.

Check it out / share our work / let's shake the Cuban reality!

You can be part of the Cuban cultural resistance.

Show your love and solidarity ; )

We are freedom lovers

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Wanna try some alternative Cuban music?

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