our story

We are freedom lovers. We are renegade artists.

In spite of being a country in perpetual crisis living with people living under the thumb of communism, the island has a very vibrant culture and groundbreaking forms of art. Independent artists are forced to operate out of illegal, underground studios and do not have access to the official circuit of galleries, stores or anything owned by the State. Without access to mainstream exposure, these artists are forced to operate in the shadows and remain censored. 

We are the underground culture that has continued to survive totalitarian censorship for 60 years under the communist system, until being expelled from our island.

Tropikaldystopia is born from this reality, we are artists forced to live in exile by an illegitimate Cuban government, the longest standing dictatorship in the hemisphere, who would deprive us of our voices, our canvases and our freedoms. 

tropikaldystopia is our way of bringing attention to the work being done by alternative Cuban creators who, like us, are forced to live in exile but refuse to remain quiet in the face of oppression in their native country.

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